Wednesday, April 12, 2017


 I repurposed an old stationary card box into a felt lined dice box.  It just fits my miniature, inside it's plastic case from the dollar store (i didnt want it to get tossed around with my dice) I also can fit my mechanical pencils and accouterments(extra lead and eraser.)

This is my second attempt. The first attempt was messy and I had to tear it out.  I dont use it on the table because it's kind of deep. I like it for quiet storage though. And that it fits all my stuff,

One of the d&d party made everyone cool dice trays. He said he would make me one, but I couldn't decide on a color/logo.  I kind of want gold/triforce or red/Triforce or Hyrulian Crest or Teal/harp. the only problem with making a Dally themed dice tray is that I will be sad if she dies.

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