Sunday, April 9, 2017

Dungeons & Dragons Session 2: In Which Our Heroes Clear Their Name

After confirming that they only had the rest of the night to take part in the festivities, Karath and Dally returned to the Oaken Staff. Dally checked in with Hoggins about the goblin issues – he let the heroes know he hated goblins, as he fought them in the war. He was very happy that they killed goblins, offered more drinks. She asked about the history of the town and Hobbins told her that when he arrived the town was collapsing, in economic turmoil and maybe one of two goblin attacks, but then it all went away and the town started thriving again. He admitted to wanting to leave, and doubting himself as they rebuilt the Oaken Staff. They asked about the goblin treaty, and he claimed he didn’t know much about it, it seemed like some old, weird, garbage. (Floki found the posting at the Gen Store, it was faded, old, unreadable.) They asked how they could get more info, he said that the apothecary has been here just as long as the steward, but he drinks at the restful willows.

Dally left her untouched drink for Floki, because she was suspicious that he was trying to keep her drunk. Karath and Dally left to find the apothecary, she promised Hoggins that she would be back to fulfil her performance agreement. They find the restful willows in a rundown condition. They enter and the interior is even worse, and smells. The approach the barkeep and order drinks, getting swill. Karath pays a silver and gets better ale. He asks about the apothecary, the barkeep points to him, Karath orders a beer for him. As the duo approached, the apothecary looked up , and seemed uninterested. Dally asked if they could sit down and his response was, “It’s a free bar, I don’t own the seats.”

Dally seemed to be having a hard time forming words (unrelated to the game) so Karath took lead, asking about the goblins, history and laws. The apothecary made it known that he believes humans are the superior race and he doesn’t like the Dragonborn. Karath stopped talking and looked to Dally. Instead of playing it cool and tucking her ears away, she smiled and said “Well I’m half human” which prompted an even worse response – accusing her parents of muddying the races. They forced smiles and tried to pry information out of him. He let it slip that signing a treaty with goblins is against the kings law, but mostly grumbled about racial issues. Dally bought the man another drink before the two walked back to the oaken staff. When they entered, Floki was there, in good spirits, with two passengers from the ship. Ambiguously effeminate, Minotaur Barbarian, Cthumoo, and quiet, sneaky Elven Ranger Legolass sat at the bar with Floki. Uther and Lonk were not there.

Karath sat and ordered a drink, regaling their trip to the Restful Willows. Dally checked in with Hoggins and moved to the stage to perform, receiving many silvers worth of tips. Floki left to talk to the apothecary, maybe dredge more information out of him. He returned with a book of olden laws stating that it was against the law of the king for any steward to create a treaty with goblins. Cthumoo pledged to help us out in any way that he can. Legolass quietly watched. After Dally’s performance was over, the 5 of them decided to confront the steward. Cthumoo lead the group, intimidating people and retrieved the heroes’ gear from the manor house.

The steward awoke and demanded to know what was going on. The group presented the book, insisting that it was indeed the steward who was in the wrong. He hadn’t known it was against the law, even though the apothecary tried to tell him. He implored the group to take control of the caravan and destroy the goblins. They agreed,but needed to rest, as it had been a long day. Dally, Cthumoo, Legolass and Karath returned to the bar to rest, Floki slept in the stables in his caravan.

They woke to screaming. The town was on fire, goblins and bug bears everywhere, also a drake. Karath ran into battle, swinging his weapon. Dally close behind him. Legolass positioned herself in the tavern window, taking shots with her bow. Floki approached from the stables and starts casting spells, Cthumoo charged through the square, joining Karath. Floki and Dally take out multiple goblins, who flank but ultimately die and or run away from Dally. Legolass continued shooting. Karath fell, causing Dally to shift focus and help heal Karath and shift people around to flank the bugbear, which was then easily defeated, adding another head to the collection.

The goblins fled, and the group helped put out the fire, checked on Hoggins, had a drink, then went back to bed. They woke in the morning, fully rested and Legolass tracked the goblin tracks back to their hideaway in the foothills of the Fuqyushons. As the sun set, and the caravan could go no further, the team sent Legolass ahead to scout and secured the horses. The group stealthily approached, overhearing what seemed to be the Goblin Chieftain begging the rest of the goblins to make nice, stop fighting with the townspeople. The group exchanged looks and pushed Dally into the light of the fire, staying hidden. Karath quickly joined her and the duo announced themselves and approached the Chieftain.

He called for a cease-fire and let them approach. Dally sweet talked some information out of them, learning that the goblins attacked because the dragonborn that lived deeper in the mountains caused them to. It came to light that those dragonborn worshipped tiamut. Dally used a mix of dimplomacy and intimidation to make the goblins leave the mountains and leave the small town in the valley alone.

The goblins were not quite convinced. Floki leapt from the cover, throwing a fistful of glitter into the air, casting a light spell to reflect it, and Intimidated them. Announcing himself and his intentions to destroy them, weakening them with the glitter fragments.

Cthumoo got very excited by the glitter and started huffing and snorting and ran through the glitter, completely finishing the goblins’ resolve. They quickly paced and took off down the mountains.

The heroes looted the village, uncovering 2 gems worth 50gp each, 300gp, 1200sp, 4000 copper, 1 potion of healing and some leather armor – holy, with Bahamut stitching on it. Bloodsinger armor: Property: when bloodied, +1 item bonus to ac and saving throws. +1 leather bonus, level 5 equipment.

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