Sunday, April 23, 2017

Designs & Dungeons & Dragons

Lordaelyn Penrose, Bard Extraordinaire's BattlesheetAs I like to joke when doing math, science, political and basic common sense assessments - I have an art degree. (technically.. It's only a 2 year/Associates of ARTS, but whatever, it counts) That said, I have been putting my skills to use for my dungeoneering adventures.

Most recently I have created a battlesheet for all my spells/powers, abilities and armor. (I know we have character sheets, but this is 100x easier for my brain to process) I was planning on using InDesign but got frustrated with some settings and ended up using my old friend Photoshop.

Sidenote: I recognize the goofiness in taking a picture instead of just saving a jpg from photoshop, but that would require effort, and my phone was super handy. Plus you get to see my notes and stuff.

I am in the process of swapping from a scattered/mostly melee attacker to a mid-range leader/controller style. I have been swapping my melee for Ranged and burst attacks. This will allow my passive buffs (like Virtue of Valor) to hit the longer ranged Sorcerer and Ranger, and the melee Barbarian and Paladin. Especially since I am a tiny-bit squishy, so I need to stay out of melee range at best.

I used Photoshop to arrange all my Powers/Spells, rituals, bonuses, languages and other abilities. I also added an area for my weapons and armor, so I dont have to dig that sheet out for reminders. There is ample space around the margins for notes (my reminder to self that I need to pick up ranged weapons and an implement, since I started swapping melee for Ranged powers mid-dungeon..)

I have color coded for Heals, Movement and Damage. So if someone needs to be healed, I can skim my page to see what I have open. I also have the action type color coded, so Standard/Minor/Immediate-interrupt, so I can remember to use my minor actions each turn if needed, and if stuff happens (missed hits or bloodying/killing) I can look at the yellows and see if anything triggers.

On top of this, I have downloaded a flashcard app, so I can study my spells in my downtime - I have such a hard time remembering what I need to do. I should probably set up another set of cards with "this is the situation, what spell should you use" so I can get quicker. I just started using the cards between Session 3 and 4, and I already have noticed a difference in performance speed.

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