Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Dungeons & Dragons Session 4: In Which We Solve Some Puzzles.

The group explores the Hallway to the west of the room. They peak in a few rooms, one is completely caved in, but we hear voices in there. They find a 20x20 empty closet and decide to fortify, hunker down and take a long rest, as it has been nearly 24 hours since they left the Oaken Staff. Dally is still feeling rested and decides to quietly hum to the group, and the shaken goblin butler, Malki, who is quite shaken. She stays up tending to those who were infected with the filth fever from the rat encounter, Legolass wakes up a bit also to help tend. She also holds watch so they only need to take a 6 hours rest instead of 8. This ends up being a moot point.

As the group starts waking up, they ask Malki, who has curled between Cthumu, the large Minotaur and the farthest wall from the door, about the schedules. They hear a series of bells, marches, voices the correlate to the schedule he told the group. The sit around, eat, share some food with the goblin and make a plan. Malki tells them that he knows where the dragon lives and gives them vague directions to get there. After more food and some alcohol, he agrees to show them the way. They wait for the guards to go to sleep and then they will super sneak to that area.

At first they are not sure if Malki is taking them to the food or the dragon, but it turns out that both are down the same hallway. Malki tells them that the food is one way and the dragons in the other. After they sacrifice some trail rations for him, he leads them to the correct door. They open it, and after having dropped nearly 40 feet into the sunken temple, they found themselves under open air. It looks as though the room had been half full of dirt, but a giant pathway from their door to another door has been cleared. There is a giant statue of Fellick, Caller of Stars, who was a great dragonborn cleric 2000 years ago. Malki points the group ahead and refuses to go any further. Dally, not wanting to waste time fighting him or risking his life, offers another trail ration and some of Karath’s ale (yes, he has been toting a giant keg of ale around with him) and tells him to be very quiet, and hide up in the dirt, behind the statue. He agreed.

The group continues into the large room, recognizing it as a large priory. They close the door and when they turn to the room, there are a ton of armed dragonborn with giant pikes, positioned in fighting stance. The group instantly recognizes that they are ghosts. They move to the front of the large room, seeing some men arguing over how to treat a figure that is prone. One figure says it should be banished, as it was a traitor. Another says that he fought for the cause and is a hero and belongs in the crypts with the others. They go into the crypts. When the group goes to follow but the door is locked. Floki and Karath have been watching the giant Bahamat statue at the front, it looks like it is watching them. It tells Karath “I come anight unsummoned, I leave at dawn unbidden.” Drunk on his stash of ale, he has a hard time remembering, so Dally approaches and takes notes as the statue repeats. As the group realizes it’s a riddle, they settle down and start saying words they think may be the answer. Before joining the group, Cthumoo pushes off the wall and says “What if it’s stars y’all?” and immediately the crypt door opens.

The door opens on a long hallway, which leads them down into the crypts. They walk through a series of progressively smaller room, all with the same three statues in them, Legolass sees that there are Paladins, Clerics and Warriors. They inspect each room but don’t find much other than the statues, two of which have been destroyed. At the end of the hallway leading through these rooms is a large door with a silver dragon’s head coming from the middle. The dragon’s head is in the middle of three circles, like a bullseye. In each loop there are round holes cut in. In the hallway, to each side there are holders with large stone tubes, some say Warrior, some say Cleric, some say Paladin. They look like they just fit inside the holes in the door – like keys. In the center there is a puddle of dried blood.

The team realizes that there are 4, 6 and 10 holes in the circles, just as there were 4, 6 and 10 statues in the rooms. Dally runs back and jots down the order of the statues in each room, and then she and Floki sit down work out the puzzle. They could tell it was Draconic in nature. That north is very important, and that the language starts north and goes to the right. Using that knowledge, they put the tubes into the holes, There were no indication that this was right or wrong, everything clicked/locked into place as they slid it home. They realize that they may have been one space off in their placement. There were two destroyed statues, so they looked for a pattern within each ring and, expecting traps, they all stood back as Floki used Mage hand to put the last piece in. As he did, the dragon’s mouth opened, revealing a handle. He used his Mage Hand to manipulate the handles. It promptly slams down. All of the tubes are pushed out of the door, onto the floor.

The second attempt they adjust their plan, but still use mage hand to manipulate the door knob. This time it is a success, the door opened. The smell of dark, unopened crypts floods the area. They enter, seeing a long corridor with sarcophagi lining each side, the room seems to open up at the back. The door closes and skeletons appear rom the sarcophagi, some undead skeletons flank the group and a flaming skeleton appears at the far end. The team starts fighting, easily destroying the skeleton minions. The flaming skeleton and undead skeletons put up more of a fight. As they destroy all enemies, more appear in the opposite layout. Dally heads towards the opening of the room, Karath and Cthumu hold off the undead and minions, Legolass and Floki do some ranged damage.

Dally finds a large room with two statues, checks for arcane and finds words written in Draconic, one of the few languages she doesn’t speak. She calls to Floki, who suddenly remembers he also speaks draconic and he runs to the room; Translating for her - It is a long prayer to Bahamat, ending in “kneel before me.” She sinks to her kneels and offers a prayer. The enemies disappear and a drawer opens under the statue. Within the drawer are 25 gold pieces, 2 gems worth 100gp/each and a platinum dragon statue worth 250gp. Dally suggests that instead of waiting until they get to a rich town that can afford to buy those items, interested parties can “buy them” from the pot and then we split that gold 5 ways. Karath expressed interest in buying the statue, Dally agreed to buy the gems if no one else wanted them.

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