Saturday, May 12, 2018

Bard Song: Aileona

I guess I am ready to post this  too - Sorry all my content is D&D related lately - I am obsessed, my computer is fixed so i have  backlog of content, and my 3d printer is packed away, awaiting of me to sign papers on a new house. (also it was an eyesore when they were trying to take pics of this house to put up on the market.

Anyway. Here's my tribute to our trials in Takesh

Monday, May 7, 2018

Bard Song: The House of Many Doors


Northward bound our heroes head to the town of Warrenhelm.
A map they seek for Wizard Gray at Manor Ravenwind

Though causing trouble, like they do, and foggy forest shrouds the way,
They find the manor standing tall, worse for wear it seems.
And *Chaos* leads the way through the House of Many Doors.

Ghosts and specters, spooks galore - The heroes find a ghostly friend.
Preserved by magic, thinly veiled, the house had. . . Many Doors

Hidden Research, lots of books, time travel, poisons, seance room..
A Mellow demon spooks Karath, a black cloud creeps them out.
They find a puzzle room, and roll *a lot* of dice.

The Bandits who have nabbed the map are quickly found in hidden caves.
The team fights bravely, smart & strong, barely bumbling at all

Recovered map and lots of loot, our heroes find the hidden stash
Wizard Gray rewards the lot with promises of more.
And that's the legend of The House Of Many Doors

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

State of the Blog pt 2.


My fellow blog readers,

As you may know, my dear Frankenstein build died in August. I've been phoning it in, quite literally. Using my smart phone for all business, including applying for a mortgage (that's some crazy shit, right?) Unfortunately, the blogger interface on my phone sucks, something fierce, so it was too much work. Rockband, d&d and trying to buy a house have all killed my motivation.

That said... I have FINALLY fixed this shit. The amazing users on reddit were able to identify and help me troubleshoot exactly which part was broken. And let me tell you about it - I originally went to /r/buildAPCForMe and they helped me get something put together. I upgraded the power source (gold certified instead of bronze) and the video card (bumped it up one model nicer.) It worked fine for a while but then just died.

I asked for some help, did some research, RMAd my CPU (2x), motherboard (1x) and my video card (1x)I bought a second copy of the same model of Motherboard, just in case.

A guy in /r/3dprinting posted something about that feeling when your DIY project just wont work. I commiserated and talked about my issues. The guys there walked me through every step and diagnosed it as "It has to be the motherboard."

I had a real Luke Skywalker moment. However, after about a month, and stressing about money for something called "Earnest Money" and paying for inspections and appraisals, I finally found the space to budget for a new motherboard. I upgraded my build from a msi b350-m gaming model to an Asus b350-f gaming model. It came in the mail this morning, but I was on my way to look at a couple houses, so I didnt have time to install it.

My first block of time to install it was at lunch. I only had an hour and the mobo was new, so I didnt have time to test it. It was a real schroedinger's computer. I installed a new mobo, but i could pretend it was working until i turned it on and proved it wasn't.

Lo and behold. I turned it on and it worked. And all my software was in the same state I left it in.. so now I am up, watching it, scared it wont turn back on.

OH! I wanna test my terraria.. the old mobo/graphics card would get all messed up and freeze during the storm event.