Saturday, May 12, 2018

Bard Song: Aileona

I guess I am ready to post this  too - Sorry all my content is D&D related lately - I am obsessed, my computer is fixed so i have  backlog of content, and my 3d printer is packed away, awaiting of me to sign papers on a new house. (also it was an eyesore when they were trying to take pics of this house to put up on the market.

Anyway. Here's my tribute to our trials in Takesh

Monday, May 7, 2018

Bard Song: The House of Many Doors


Northward bound our heroes head to the town of Warrenhelm.
A map they seek for Wizard Gray at Manor Ravenwind

Though causing trouble, like they do, and foggy forest shrouds the way,
They find the manor standing tall, worse for wear it seems.
And *Chaos* leads the way through the House of Many Doors.

Ghosts and specters, spooks galore - The heroes find a ghostly friend.
Preserved by magic, thinly veiled, the house had. . . Many Doors

Hidden Research, lots of books, time travel, poisons, seance room..
A Mellow demon spooks Karath, a black cloud creeps them out.
They find a puzzle room, and roll *a lot* of dice.

The Bandits who have nabbed the map are quickly found in hidden caves.
The team fights bravely, smart & strong, barely bumbling at all

Recovered map and lots of loot, our heroes find the hidden stash
Wizard Gray rewards the lot with promises of more.
And that's the legend of The House Of Many Doors

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

State of the Blog pt 2.


My fellow blog readers,

As you may know, my dear Frankenstein build died in August. I've been phoning it in, quite literally. Using my smart phone for all business, including applying for a mortgage (that's some crazy shit, right?) Unfortunately, the blogger interface on my phone sucks, something fierce, so it was too much work. Rockband, d&d and trying to buy a house have all killed my motivation.

That said... I have FINALLY fixed this shit. The amazing users on reddit were able to identify and help me troubleshoot exactly which part was broken. And let me tell you about it - I originally went to /r/buildAPCForMe and they helped me get something put together. I upgraded the power source (gold certified instead of bronze) and the video card (bumped it up one model nicer.) It worked fine for a while but then just died.

I asked for some help, did some research, RMAd my CPU (2x), motherboard (1x) and my video card (1x)I bought a second copy of the same model of Motherboard, just in case.

A guy in /r/3dprinting posted something about that feeling when your DIY project just wont work. I commiserated and talked about my issues. The guys there walked me through every step and diagnosed it as "It has to be the motherboard."

I had a real Luke Skywalker moment. However, after about a month, and stressing about money for something called "Earnest Money" and paying for inspections and appraisals, I finally found the space to budget for a new motherboard. I upgraded my build from a msi b350-m gaming model to an Asus b350-f gaming model. It came in the mail this morning, but I was on my way to look at a couple houses, so I didnt have time to install it.

My first block of time to install it was at lunch. I only had an hour and the mobo was new, so I didnt have time to test it. It was a real schroedinger's computer. I installed a new mobo, but i could pretend it was working until i turned it on and proved it wasn't.

Lo and behold. I turned it on and it worked. And all my software was in the same state I left it in.. so now I am up, watching it, scared it wont turn back on.

OH! I wanna test my terraria.. the old mobo/graphics card would get all messed up and freeze during the storm event.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

State of the Blog


Bloggers app sucks a lot. It doesnt save much, anytime you try to upload images, it boofs.

Also, I am down to phone -only  transmissions for another week or so. I didn't get a chance to post - but Frankenstein's Computer Died - CPU and MoBo have been RMAd.

I dragged my feet a lot on getting the RMAs processed and then packaged and sent.

But honestly, I was super surprised at the turn around from AMD for the processor - Had to ship to Miami, which has just been hit by Irma and expecting Maria (maybe) it left my house on Wednesday last week and returned to me Thursday this week.

The Mobo, which went to Walnut, Ca left on Wednesday as well, it was approved, but isn't supposed to be home until Tuesday.. SO maybe Frankie 2 will be better.

I've been using my down time to create maps and backstory and have even had a couple d&d sessions!

I'll document them later, suffice to say 5e is fun and all the numbers are weird.. My Darling Cousin has been DMing. His Girlfriend, our friend and his boyfriend, who recently returned from out of state, and I are braving his story. I'll write that one out when I have more time.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Worldbuilding experiments - Loch Largen

I've been exploring worldbuilding, mostly surrounding my 4e characters background. My style has been evolving. . .

The best example would be Loch Largen. I started with a loose theory of what I wanted in the town. I played around with some other maps and followed some cool styles on Pinterest..

 Then I drew up the second graph paper drawing. Then, using my new market investment (Copic brand... Omg, alcohol based markers are amazing)
I made color and line version of the map.

Loch Largen - First Draft Loch Largen  - Evolved Loch Lagern - Colored in with Copics

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Bard Song: The Ballad of Hocks Hollow


We open on a scene, A dark bar in Oak-shy
a bard sings quietly for her supper
The Wizard hears the voice / Remembers heist long past
In a corner dark sits the Dragonborn
The Cleric and his ward, a young Rogue, are there too.
Questing south herself, the Bard joins them

An order to Camoor binds the group in adventure
they board a beat-down barge headed southbound
The barge, it runs ashore, like they do, leaves them stranded
They look to Hock's Hollow for a carpenter.
Spring festival delays helpful hands for at least three days
The Group finds trouble fast, like they do

"Bahamet! Bahamet! Bahamet! More shrines for Bahamet," demands the Cleric.
We rush to find the ore, by the score, for the blacksmith.
"Together come what may!"...For the moment.

Some trouble with the law spooks the Rogue and the Cleric
They run away in the night, chasing "shinies"
The gayest Minotaur you ever saw supersedes them,
and Lego Ranger Elf, ever silent.

Unlawful goblin pacts, goblin tax on the townsfolk
a curse reversed with gold makes the crops grow
Into the woods they go, find some goblins and a bugbear
The Paladin and the Bard try to compromise
To top their parley off, Wizard bluffs with a light show
pocket glitter thrown, lights reflected

Minotaur, Minotaur, Minotaur! You sparkle in the light, sweet Barbarian.
We hold the laughter back, astonishment, gentle giant
This hero thing might work, if we want it to.

The goblins flee the scene, gold booty, but more trouble
clues lead to a path up the mountains.
A full day to the west, come abreast of a fortress.
"Halt," some goblins call, "You with Tiamut?"

Betwixt the group a look, thoughtful nodes, "That's affirmative,"
a grumbling Dragonborn takes initiative/
Believably, beautiful banter, by the Bard and the Paladin
Delivers a full access path to lost priory.

"Bahamet, Bahamet, Bahamet. My life for Bahamet," pledged the Dragonborn.
We run into the fray, some may say, much too hastily.
We're heroes come what may, undeniably

In search of lost legends, to no ends, they stumble
Sneakily exploring shafts excavated
Spelunking in the rubble, they find trouble and a butler
and some ghosts of ancients passed tell a story
Of Dragonborn betrayed, special grave, holds sought secrets
Along with scale desired, Blessed armor

History Repeats, More betrayal, of our Dragonborn
The Paladin's clutch-mate had joined up with Tiamut
The group fights on and on, Mystery Pillars and some Battle-bots
The Minotaur almost drowns at the disco

"Tiamut! Tiamut! Tiamut! I'll end you Tiamut," growls the Dragonborn
Those good of us persuade to maintain our course of action
"We're Heroes" they will say legendarily.

The summoner is found, fame and power are forth proffered
a rift is on the fringe of opening
Ranger quickly clears the room, dragon eggs, lightning pulses
The Wizard's pulled away from the altar
Summoner dispatched, whose last words are unnerving:
"They may have won the battle, but they lost the war!"

"All is lost! All is lost! All is lost! But hope spring eternal," prays the Dragonborn
We fought to save the day, some may say it was futily
we're heroes after all, unconditionally.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Dungeons and Dragons Session 7: In Which we confront the BBEG

There is a second item rumored to be in the priory. Karath remembers. It was a very rare rumor: Bahamet's eggs (..pretty sure bahamet is a dude, but whatev)

The group wakes up from their long rest and hears battle outside. More ghostly apparitions lead them south, towards the only way they hadnt been.. The ghost sees Karath and responds to only him, Mistaking the dragonborn, in his new armor, for the dead/dying captain the group saw betrayed in the courtyard. We learn the Vessimeer had betrayed the captain and there is a rift, which Karamath has been sent to initiate self destruction.

The guard leads us into a room with a fully articulated statue in it. As soon as Karath enters, he activates some a tile, which lights up. Each subsequent member that enters causes the floor to light up in a giant square around the statue. There are two giant statues inside the room with runes. They breathe fire balls, and the articulated statue spins a weapon in a circle around his body every turn. There is a corridor with crystals. Cthumoo walks into it to destroy the crystals and magic seals the hallway and causes it to start filling with water. The team destroys the statues, while Cthumoo smashes all the crystals, freeing himself

The door in the corridor leads into deeper tunnel with distant moaning emanating. The group quickly, cautiously proceeds down into the dark tunnel - Immediately triggering alarms, pulling zombies and ghouls from two directions. In a fierce move, Karath lets loose some dragonsbreath, killing 8 in one hit. Quickly killing the rest the group is spurred on by some tectonic shifting.

They enter a room with some hanky magic going on. On the opposite end there is a raised platform with an altar, and the priest, Aziroth, that confronted the group in the courtyard (before running away with Karath's clutchmate.)

Energy pulses from the altar through 8 pillars, surrounding a giant blood rune on the group, ending by pulsing into the giant statue of Bahamet with 3 eggs of Bahamet on it. There are minions throughout the whole room. LegoLass quickly dispatched most of the minions as the Bard and Wizard try to use arcana and prayers to stop the rift from opening.

The two tanks (Barbarian and Paladin) start using the priest's own hands to hit himself while yelling "stop hitting yourself." The wizard is pulled from the altar and flung into the bahamat statue, lightning immediately killing him dead. Dally picks up the arcana and religious checks to close the rift, while Cthumoo and Karath kill the summoner and the remaining minions. In his final breath the summoner laughs and uses the last of his power to rip the rift open.

The team finds some goggles for the dead wizard and almost enough gold to pay to resurrect him. The team quickly makes their way back to Hocks hollow and has Floki resurrected. True to his word, Hoggins has sent his boys to fix the barge and the team is ready to depart.

-Thus ending the Adventure in Hock's Hollow. Inc. A ballad.