Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Bard Song: The Ballad of Hocks Hollow


We open on a scene, A dark bar in Oak-shy
a bard sings quietly for her supper
The Wizard hears the voice / Remembers heist long past
In a corner dark sits the Dragonborn
The Cleric and his ward, a young Rogue, are there too.
Questing south herself, the Bard joins them

An order to Camoor binds the group in adventure
they board a beat-down barge headed southbound
The barge, it runs ashore, like they do, leaves them stranded
They look to Hock's Hollow for a carpenter.
Spring festival delays helpful hands for at least three days
The Group finds trouble fast, like they do

"Bahamet! Bahamet! Bahamet! More shrines for Bahamet," demands the Cleric.
We rush to find the ore, by the score, for the blacksmith.
"Together come what may!"...For the moment.

Some trouble with the law spooks the Rogue and the Cleric
They run away in the night, chasing "shinies"
The gayest Minotaur you ever saw supersedes them,
and Lego Ranger Elf, ever silent.

Unlawful goblin pacts, goblin tax on the townsfolk
a curse reversed with gold makes the crops grow
Into the woods they go, find some goblins and a bugbear
The Paladin and the Bard try to compromise
To top their parley off, Wizard bluffs with a light show
pocket glitter thrown, lights reflected

Minotaur, Minotaur, Minotaur! You sparkle in the light, sweet Barbarian.
We hold the laughter back, astonishment, gentle giant
This hero thing might work, if we want it to.

The goblins flee the scene, gold booty, but more trouble
clues lead to a path up the mountains.
A full day to the west, come abreast of a fortress.
"Halt," some goblins call, "You with Tiamut?"

Betwixt the group a look, thoughtful nodes, "That's affirmative,"
a grumbling Dragonborn takes initiative/
Believably, beautiful banter, by the Bard and the Paladin
Delivers a full access path to lost priory.

"Bahamet, Bahamet, Bahamet. My life for Bahamet," pledged the Dragonborn.
We run into the fray, some may say, much too hastily.
We're heroes come what may, undeniably

In search of lost legends, to no ends, they stumble
Sneakily exploring shafts excavated
Spelunking in the rubble, they find trouble and a butler
and some ghosts of ancients passed tell a story
Of Dragonborn betrayed, special grave, holds sought secrets
Along with scale desired, Blessed armor

History Repeats, More betrayal, of our Dragonborn
The Paladin's clutch-mate had joined up with Tiamut
The group fights on and on, Mystery Pillars and some Battle-bots
The Minotaur almost drowns at the disco

"Tiamut! Tiamut! Tiamut! I'll end you Tiamut," growls the Dragonborn
Those good of us persuade to maintain our course of action
"We're Heroes" they will say legendarily.

The summoner is found, fame and power are forth proffered
a rift is on the fringe of opening
Ranger quickly clears the room, dragon eggs, lightning pulses
The Wizard's pulled away from the altar
Summoner dispatched, whose last words are unnerving:
"They may have won the battle, but they lost the war!"

"All is lost! All is lost! All is lost! But hope spring eternal," prays the Dragonborn
We fought to save the day, some may say it was futily
we're heroes after all, unconditionally.

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