Sunday, April 30, 2017

International TableTop Day!

To those of you who follow this blog and don't know what International Tabletop day is... What are you doing here?... Haha, jaykay.

It is a day when Friendly Local Game Shop (FLGS) and game stores online have semi-underwhelming sales and get exclusive promos for games we all love. Dixit has had several promos. I haven't picked them up, but I have eyed them on ebay a few times. ($17 for one card is kind of out of my interest zone)

I, being the non-social gamer that I am, opted to spend the afternoon with my friend and her husband. The same couple I play D&D with; we also have reached May on Pandemic Legacy.

The premise of the Pandemic series is that you have a map of the world, and using a cast of characters, you try to find cures for 4 diseases spreading across the globe. It's fun, It is one of the first board games I ever bought, and we've played it a lot over the years. I have the old edition, but my friend bought to play with her kids and friends when I am not around, and the new edition has more pieces.

Pandemic *Legacy* (Season 1) is one of newly trending legacy games. Legacy means you make permanent changes to your game board, so every time you play, it is a little different than the last time. Pandemic Legacy takes place over 12 months. It is set up so that you get two attempts at "winning" each month, but the damages still take place. We failed May twice in a row, and had to make permanent changes each time. Every month you draw cards from the "legacy deck" which tells you how many to draw and which compartments of your secret, advent-calendar-style dossier to open.

There are 8 sealed boxes and several sheets of sealed advent-style information. The legacy deck tells you which items to open. Every month we end up opening a little more. Each door has stickers in them, some update the actual rules in the book, some provide stickers to modify the board, or the character sheets.

Pandemic Legacy is scary and makes you think about every single move you make, as permanent changes are made to your board every time you play. Each outbreak is marked by a numbered sticker, which you update each time that city outbreaks, 1-5. Each number represents limits placed on the city - it takes extra actions to move in and out, you have to discard cards to move in and out, or you straight can't go there, unless you have the ability to.

If you are in a city when it outbreaks, you get a permanent scar on that character. on the third scar, that character dies and is removed permanently from the game. In our box, the medic (Sanchez) got one scar and then we upgraded him so that he won't receive scars for being in a city when it outbreaks, because he is important for disease control and has played every single game.

We also played a few rounds of Star Realms, a two player, space themed, Deck Building game. It's fun. Ended up lending it to my friends so they could get a couple more plays out of it.

The last game we attempted was Food Chain Magnate. We waited until kind of late and tried to learn how to play - reading through several pages of dense rules with nto enough examples (and terms like "orthoganally adjacent".. which means shares an edge with, not-diagonal, n-e-s-w.

We were all a little worn out from the rest of the evenings activities, and i didnt have a quick rules layout, so we got worn out mentally and were making bad choices that quickly bit us all in the asses, so we decided to put a bookmark in it and come back to it.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Dungeons & Dragons Session 4: In Which We Solve Some Puzzles.

The group explores the Hallway to the west of the room. They peak in a few rooms, one is completely caved in, but we hear voices in there. They find a 20x20 empty closet and decide to fortify, hunker down and take a long rest, as it has been nearly 24 hours since they left the Oaken Staff. Dally is still feeling rested and decides to quietly hum to the group, and the shaken goblin butler, Malki, who is quite shaken. She stays up tending to those who were infected with the filth fever from the rat encounter, Legolass wakes up a bit also to help tend. She also holds watch so they only need to take a 6 hours rest instead of 8. This ends up being a moot point.

As the group starts waking up, they ask Malki, who has curled between Cthumu, the large Minotaur and the farthest wall from the door, about the schedules. They hear a series of bells, marches, voices the correlate to the schedule he told the group. The sit around, eat, share some food with the goblin and make a plan. Malki tells them that he knows where the dragon lives and gives them vague directions to get there. After more food and some alcohol, he agrees to show them the way. They wait for the guards to go to sleep and then they will super sneak to that area.

At first they are not sure if Malki is taking them to the food or the dragon, but it turns out that both are down the same hallway. Malki tells them that the food is one way and the dragons in the other. After they sacrifice some trail rations for him, he leads them to the correct door. They open it, and after having dropped nearly 40 feet into the sunken temple, they found themselves under open air. It looks as though the room had been half full of dirt, but a giant pathway from their door to another door has been cleared. There is a giant statue of Fellick, Caller of Stars, who was a great dragonborn cleric 2000 years ago. Malki points the group ahead and refuses to go any further. Dally, not wanting to waste time fighting him or risking his life, offers another trail ration and some of Karath’s ale (yes, he has been toting a giant keg of ale around with him) and tells him to be very quiet, and hide up in the dirt, behind the statue. He agreed.

The group continues into the large room, recognizing it as a large priory. They close the door and when they turn to the room, there are a ton of armed dragonborn with giant pikes, positioned in fighting stance. The group instantly recognizes that they are ghosts. They move to the front of the large room, seeing some men arguing over how to treat a figure that is prone. One figure says it should be banished, as it was a traitor. Another says that he fought for the cause and is a hero and belongs in the crypts with the others. They go into the crypts. When the group goes to follow but the door is locked. Floki and Karath have been watching the giant Bahamat statue at the front, it looks like it is watching them. It tells Karath “I come anight unsummoned, I leave at dawn unbidden.” Drunk on his stash of ale, he has a hard time remembering, so Dally approaches and takes notes as the statue repeats. As the group realizes it’s a riddle, they settle down and start saying words they think may be the answer. Before joining the group, Cthumoo pushes off the wall and says “What if it’s stars y’all?” and immediately the crypt door opens.

The door opens on a long hallway, which leads them down into the crypts. They walk through a series of progressively smaller room, all with the same three statues in them, Legolass sees that there are Paladins, Clerics and Warriors. They inspect each room but don’t find much other than the statues, two of which have been destroyed. At the end of the hallway leading through these rooms is a large door with a silver dragon’s head coming from the middle. The dragon’s head is in the middle of three circles, like a bullseye. In each loop there are round holes cut in. In the hallway, to each side there are holders with large stone tubes, some say Warrior, some say Cleric, some say Paladin. They look like they just fit inside the holes in the door – like keys. In the center there is a puddle of dried blood.

The team realizes that there are 4, 6 and 10 holes in the circles, just as there were 4, 6 and 10 statues in the rooms. Dally runs back and jots down the order of the statues in each room, and then she and Floki sit down work out the puzzle. They could tell it was Draconic in nature. That north is very important, and that the language starts north and goes to the right. Using that knowledge, they put the tubes into the holes, There were no indication that this was right or wrong, everything clicked/locked into place as they slid it home. They realize that they may have been one space off in their placement. There were two destroyed statues, so they looked for a pattern within each ring and, expecting traps, they all stood back as Floki used Mage hand to put the last piece in. As he did, the dragon’s mouth opened, revealing a handle. He used his Mage Hand to manipulate the handles. It promptly slams down. All of the tubes are pushed out of the door, onto the floor.

The second attempt they adjust their plan, but still use mage hand to manipulate the door knob. This time it is a success, the door opened. The smell of dark, unopened crypts floods the area. They enter, seeing a long corridor with sarcophagi lining each side, the room seems to open up at the back. The door closes and skeletons appear rom the sarcophagi, some undead skeletons flank the group and a flaming skeleton appears at the far end. The team starts fighting, easily destroying the skeleton minions. The flaming skeleton and undead skeletons put up more of a fight. As they destroy all enemies, more appear in the opposite layout. Dally heads towards the opening of the room, Karath and Cthumu hold off the undead and minions, Legolass and Floki do some ranged damage.

Dally finds a large room with two statues, checks for arcane and finds words written in Draconic, one of the few languages she doesn’t speak. She calls to Floki, who suddenly remembers he also speaks draconic and he runs to the room; Translating for her - It is a long prayer to Bahamat, ending in “kneel before me.” She sinks to her kneels and offers a prayer. The enemies disappear and a drawer opens under the statue. Within the drawer are 25 gold pieces, 2 gems worth 100gp/each and a platinum dragon statue worth 250gp. Dally suggests that instead of waiting until they get to a rich town that can afford to buy those items, interested parties can “buy them” from the pot and then we split that gold 5 ways. Karath expressed interest in buying the statue, Dally agreed to buy the gems if no one else wanted them.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Designs & Dungeons & Dragons

Lordaelyn Penrose, Bard Extraordinaire's BattlesheetAs I like to joke when doing math, science, political and basic common sense assessments - I have an art degree. (technically.. It's only a 2 year/Associates of ARTS, but whatever, it counts) That said, I have been putting my skills to use for my dungeoneering adventures.

Most recently I have created a battlesheet for all my spells/powers, abilities and armor. (I know we have character sheets, but this is 100x easier for my brain to process) I was planning on using InDesign but got frustrated with some settings and ended up using my old friend Photoshop.

Sidenote: I recognize the goofiness in taking a picture instead of just saving a jpg from photoshop, but that would require effort, and my phone was super handy. Plus you get to see my notes and stuff.

I am in the process of swapping from a scattered/mostly melee attacker to a mid-range leader/controller style. I have been swapping my melee for Ranged and burst attacks. This will allow my passive buffs (like Virtue of Valor) to hit the longer ranged Sorcerer and Ranger, and the melee Barbarian and Paladin. Especially since I am a tiny-bit squishy, so I need to stay out of melee range at best.

I used Photoshop to arrange all my Powers/Spells, rituals, bonuses, languages and other abilities. I also added an area for my weapons and armor, so I dont have to dig that sheet out for reminders. There is ample space around the margins for notes (my reminder to self that I need to pick up ranged weapons and an implement, since I started swapping melee for Ranged powers mid-dungeon..)

I have color coded for Heals, Movement and Damage. So if someone needs to be healed, I can skim my page to see what I have open. I also have the action type color coded, so Standard/Minor/Immediate-interrupt, so I can remember to use my minor actions each turn if needed, and if stuff happens (missed hits or bloodying/killing) I can look at the yellows and see if anything triggers.

On top of this, I have downloaded a flashcard app, so I can study my spells in my downtime - I have such a hard time remembering what I need to do. I should probably set up another set of cards with "this is the situation, what spell should you use" so I can get quicker. I just started using the cards between Session 3 and 4, and I already have noticed a difference in performance speed.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

It's my creation... is it real?

Fourth Attempt at Life Tracker - Printed. First attempt at Life Tracker, in SketchUp Second attempt at Life Tracker, in SketchUp Fourth attempt at Life Tracker, in Cura First and Third attempt at Life Tracker, Printed Prototypes
I know the last few posts have been boring to non-d&d players, and a bit exposition heavy.

In our d&d sessions, the group seemed to like the book base I printed for my miniature (which is funny because the character is obsessed with books and has a small library in her backpack, for buying/selling/trading.) My DM described a life counter style he would like to use for his monsters/mobs.

His request was to have three digits, and he sketched out his idea - which was basically a flat counter with three 0-9, all stacked on top of each other, so that 000-999 would be visible from the top view.

I found a couple interesting things on thingiverse, but nothing that works how I wanted, so I opened up SketchUp and designed a couple prototypes of my own.

My first design was a little cumbersome and blocky. I never printed anything to keep all the pieces together, so it was just a cup with three thing rings that had a small gap between them (for spinning ease.) But if you flip it over, the three rings fall out.

My second design was intended to print a topper piece that would snap into place, and hold the rings down. I also decided to make the rings more nested, with a thin disc on the bottom of each, with just a small hole in the very middle to stick on the spindle. I liked this idea more, but the snap on top didn't work very well.

My third design was base-free. Keep the nested pieces with the bottoms, and stuck a small spindle through, capping it with a snapon piece that has just an indication arrow. This is neat, but harder to change the numbers, because it makes some weird pressure points, causing numbers to spin out of turn.

My fourth design incorporated the base again, so there could be a clear line from side to side. (An arrow on the base and the center. I designed the center of the base to stick up through the disks and another snap on top to hold everything down and also line up with the outside arrow. Also, realizing how big these were coming out, and how large the battlefield in 4e is (25mm squares for each mini) I made the discs smaller.

I colored the numbers in with sharpies because I didn't want to mess around with swapping colors. The reaction at game night(Session 3) was mostly interested, but unenthusiastic. It got a look and then they got pushed to the side, unused for the evening. To be fair, they are just prototypes, and they are kind of huge, even the smallest one is 40mm diameter. The DM commented on their size, so my next prototype will be working towards functionality + small size/printer detail ability. On our next game night(Session 4), DM did whip them out and use, our battlefield was small and easy to put them to the side, corresponding with each monster.

Going forward, I am going to expand on my 4th design, making them thinner and maybe resize some of the spacing so it is easier to spin. Let's see if i can get 3 digits and a base within 25 mm.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Dungeons & Dragons Session 3: In Which Floki Acquires a Goblin Butler

The party has had a short rest, healed up and are ready to continue. They notice a well-traveled path, with wagon tracks going deeper into the mountains, a footpath going south towards the road leading to town, and the path they took through the woods. The team debates going back to town and seeing the end of the festivities/getting help for the barge. Fueled by the hatred/blood feud against Tiamut, Karath talks the team into following the wagon tracks. The Ranger, Lego-Lass, scouts ahead. The group follows her, until dawn, when they reach the edge of the forest.

On the edge of view, far in the distance, across a valley, a mountain rises, with an obvious fortress built into it, Green skinned beings man them, but it is too far away to see if they are goblins or dragonborn. There were three towers in the side of the mountain, 2 ballista. A waterfall “The Trickle Stream” coming down the mountain, into the hockspur river, that runs past Hocks Hollow. The team sits and debates how to approach the fortress. Floki suggests taking some time to disguise themselves as tumbleweeds. Dally suggests waiting for nightfall, as there is absolutely nowhere to hide between the edge of the forest and the fortress. Karath, spurred by writhing hatred for Tiamut, suggests they approach under the pretense of joining the cult. They do have a minotaur with them, which is usually an evil/destructive race.

The team approaches the fortress, Legolass following behind and making sure Floki sticks with the group, as he tries to fall behind. As the they approach, and begin ascending the steep road towards the first tower and gate, the Ballista begins spinning towards them. Goblins pop up and demand to know who they are and what they want. Karath demands to speak to the leader about joining the tribute for Tiamut. He gives a pretty decent combination of persuasion & intimidation to get the trust of the goblins. He also pays a tithe, with a gem worth 100g. He is forced to abandon his shield, as it has Bahamat all over it. Surprisingly, they do not require Dally to abandon her new Blood-Singers armor, which also has Bahamat on it. Legolass picks it up silently and hides it in her bag. The team begins their escorted ascent to the top of the mountain.

Floki flicks water into the face of every goblin he passes, saying “May Tiamut be with you!”

The team passes the final gate. The boss of this area is not allowed to leave, but lets them pass. They climb until they reach a giant clearing, near the top of the mountain. There is a giant bowl shaped dip, like a crater. Between Dally’s historical knowledge and schmoozing and the bar in town, Legolass’s natural observations and Karath’s religious knowledge, they figure out the following things:

  • Within 10 years the townsfolk had failing crops, 5-6 years ago the goblins show up, 2 years ago they started prospering.
  • They can see the top of an Ancient dragonborn keep, whose name is lost. One of very few with a priory (where they train paladins) Rumors that the scale of Bahamat is somewhere inside.
  • Across the bowl is ancient, it fell into itself.
  • It was covered by water for years, and recently dried up. A dam is across the bowl, connected to the trickle stream.

It looks as though the giant Priory with a giant statue of Bahamat has collapsed into the ground, maybe a sinkhole. They walk to the edge of the giant walkway, which has been dropped a bit. They move into the structure, noticing a giant man powered lift, dropping several feet into the Priory. The Team climbs down; Dally and Floki fall, taking minor damage. They look around, seeing two huge oaken doors, shaped like giant scales. Cthumu, the Minotaur, can comfortably fit through them. There is a door to the north, obviously well-travelled, and a door to the south west, which looks like it hasn’t been opened in a long time.

The team, of course, goes to the door less-traveled, and finds an ancient trap that no longer works. They walk down a dusty corridor, following the sounds of rats. From nowhere a couple sturges materialize, rats munching on a few corpses down the hallway, two old, one newer. The group fights the rat swarms and rat kings, and destroy both sturges. They move on down the hallway, but the hallway comes to an immediate end, with rubble closing off all passages. Floki hears a voices and finds a tunnel, where the rats and sturges must have come from. He senses some arcane in the distance.

The team quickly crawls through the tunnel, into a room that drops off about 6 feet. There is rubble all over the floor and it looks like the ceiling is barely holding up. After a quick, fast debate, they decide to follow the next, smaller tunnel, which drops ten feet into an abandoned ballroom that is partially collapsed. There is a giant Oaken double-door to the west, and a secret passage to the north. The team opens the door and sees a lighted passageway, then hear goblins walking through the path. Floki hears more voices and can sense fleeting arcane in the area. He narrows it down to the western wall.

The team explodes a way through the door, there is a bookshelf, and some broken tables, and see a goblin trying to hide. Floki takes an intense interest in him, as the goblin is the source of arcana. He spends some time befriending the goblin, who is very scared of Karath, the dragonborn. Malki, the goblin, repeatedly tells Karath that he should leave, should go out the secret passageway in this second room. He tells them some info, mostly that the other goblins are trying to kill him because he stole some magic boots. They fit Dally, so she agrees to swap her very nice boots for his magical boots, so that they won’t be hunting him anymore. Floki charms Malki into joining the team, but Malki doesn’t want to continue exploring, he wants to go-go-go! They end up jamming him into a backpack and knocking him unconscious.

The team leaves through the secret passage, find a long corridor with many doors, some noises, and it appears to end at the same spot that the ballroom ended, with rubble. They go through the nearest door, stumbling into a giant chamber, well lit, full of goblins and wagons full of stuff. They destroy all the goblins and take the booty – 560 gold. (Floki, Karath and Dally all level up)

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


 I repurposed an old stationary card box into a felt lined dice box.  It just fits my miniature, inside it's plastic case from the dollar store (i didnt want it to get tossed around with my dice) I also can fit my mechanical pencils and accouterments(extra lead and eraser.)

This is my second attempt. The first attempt was messy and I had to tear it out.  I dont use it on the table because it's kind of deep. I like it for quiet storage though. And that it fits all my stuff,

One of the d&d party made everyone cool dice trays. He said he would make me one, but I couldn't decide on a color/logo.  I kind of want gold/triforce or red/Triforce or Hyrulian Crest or Teal/harp. the only problem with making a Dally themed dice tray is that I will be sad if she dies.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Dungeons & Dragons Session 2: In Which Our Heroes Clear Their Name

After confirming that they only had the rest of the night to take part in the festivities, Karath and Dally returned to the Oaken Staff. Dally checked in with Hoggins about the goblin issues – he let the heroes know he hated goblins, as he fought them in the war. He was very happy that they killed goblins, offered more drinks. She asked about the history of the town and Hobbins told her that when he arrived the town was collapsing, in economic turmoil and maybe one of two goblin attacks, but then it all went away and the town started thriving again. He admitted to wanting to leave, and doubting himself as they rebuilt the Oaken Staff. They asked about the goblin treaty, and he claimed he didn’t know much about it, it seemed like some old, weird, garbage. (Floki found the posting at the Gen Store, it was faded, old, unreadable.) They asked how they could get more info, he said that the apothecary has been here just as long as the steward, but he drinks at the restful willows.

Dally left her untouched drink for Floki, because she was suspicious that he was trying to keep her drunk. Karath and Dally left to find the apothecary, she promised Hoggins that she would be back to fulfil her performance agreement. They find the restful willows in a rundown condition. They enter and the interior is even worse, and smells. The approach the barkeep and order drinks, getting swill. Karath pays a silver and gets better ale. He asks about the apothecary, the barkeep points to him, Karath orders a beer for him. As the duo approached, the apothecary looked up , and seemed uninterested. Dally asked if they could sit down and his response was, “It’s a free bar, I don’t own the seats.”

Dally seemed to be having a hard time forming words (unrelated to the game) so Karath took lead, asking about the goblins, history and laws. The apothecary made it known that he believes humans are the superior race and he doesn’t like the Dragonborn. Karath stopped talking and looked to Dally. Instead of playing it cool and tucking her ears away, she smiled and said “Well I’m half human” which prompted an even worse response – accusing her parents of muddying the races. They forced smiles and tried to pry information out of him. He let it slip that signing a treaty with goblins is against the kings law, but mostly grumbled about racial issues. Dally bought the man another drink before the two walked back to the oaken staff. When they entered, Floki was there, in good spirits, with two passengers from the ship. Ambiguously effeminate, Minotaur Barbarian, Cthumoo, and quiet, sneaky Elven Ranger Legolass sat at the bar with Floki. Uther and Lonk were not there.

Karath sat and ordered a drink, regaling their trip to the Restful Willows. Dally checked in with Hoggins and moved to the stage to perform, receiving many silvers worth of tips. Floki left to talk to the apothecary, maybe dredge more information out of him. He returned with a book of olden laws stating that it was against the law of the king for any steward to create a treaty with goblins. Cthumoo pledged to help us out in any way that he can. Legolass quietly watched. After Dally’s performance was over, the 5 of them decided to confront the steward. Cthumoo lead the group, intimidating people and retrieved the heroes’ gear from the manor house.

The steward awoke and demanded to know what was going on. The group presented the book, insisting that it was indeed the steward who was in the wrong. He hadn’t known it was against the law, even though the apothecary tried to tell him. He implored the group to take control of the caravan and destroy the goblins. They agreed,but needed to rest, as it had been a long day. Dally, Cthumoo, Legolass and Karath returned to the bar to rest, Floki slept in the stables in his caravan.

They woke to screaming. The town was on fire, goblins and bug bears everywhere, also a drake. Karath ran into battle, swinging his weapon. Dally close behind him. Legolass positioned herself in the tavern window, taking shots with her bow. Floki approached from the stables and starts casting spells, Cthumoo charged through the square, joining Karath. Floki and Dally take out multiple goblins, who flank but ultimately die and or run away from Dally. Legolass continued shooting. Karath fell, causing Dally to shift focus and help heal Karath and shift people around to flank the bugbear, which was then easily defeated, adding another head to the collection.

The goblins fled, and the group helped put out the fire, checked on Hoggins, had a drink, then went back to bed. They woke in the morning, fully rested and Legolass tracked the goblin tracks back to their hideaway in the foothills of the Fuqyushons. As the sun set, and the caravan could go no further, the team sent Legolass ahead to scout and secured the horses. The group stealthily approached, overhearing what seemed to be the Goblin Chieftain begging the rest of the goblins to make nice, stop fighting with the townspeople. The group exchanged looks and pushed Dally into the light of the fire, staying hidden. Karath quickly joined her and the duo announced themselves and approached the Chieftain.

He called for a cease-fire and let them approach. Dally sweet talked some information out of them, learning that the goblins attacked because the dragonborn that lived deeper in the mountains caused them to. It came to light that those dragonborn worshipped tiamut. Dally used a mix of dimplomacy and intimidation to make the goblins leave the mountains and leave the small town in the valley alone.

The goblins were not quite convinced. Floki leapt from the cover, throwing a fistful of glitter into the air, casting a light spell to reflect it, and Intimidated them. Announcing himself and his intentions to destroy them, weakening them with the glitter fragments.

Cthumoo got very excited by the glitter and started huffing and snorting and ran through the glitter, completely finishing the goblins’ resolve. They quickly paced and took off down the mountains.

The heroes looted the village, uncovering 2 gems worth 50gp each, 300gp, 1200sp, 4000 copper, 1 potion of healing and some leather armor – holy, with Bahamut stitching on it. Bloodsinger armor: Property: when bloodied, +1 item bonus to ac and saving throws. +1 leather bonus, level 5 equipment.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Dungeons & Dragons Session 1: In Which Dally Eats a Liver

Dally ran into an old friend, The Wizard Floki, at a local tavern in Ok-shy. Dally had been living comfortably, researching for her ancestors books. Floki and Dally knew each other from a small heist, undescribed as of yet. Dally found Floki had joined forces with an acquaintance of hers, the Dragonborn Paladin, Karath. Dally had previously met Karath through Melosius, Dally’s Patron. This was most likely an event for the order of Bahamut, Karath's patron deity. They are also travelling with a blow-hard religious zealot, Cleric of Bahamut, Uther, and his small servant, the halfling teenage Rogue, Lonk. As spring approached, and their stay in the town of Ok-shy reached an end, they invited Dally on an adventure, as she was moving south in search of her books and they could use a bard/goodwill with the locals along the way. Uther received orders from his order to move south to Camoor.

They secured some space on a barge traveling south on the river Ell-sher-nahn-dee-later, towards Camoor. However, 2 or 3 days down the river their barge was forced to run aground, or sink. The Captain of the barge noticed a dirt road heading west, towards some giant mountains, the FuqYuShon Mtns. The Captain agreed to cut them a deal on their travel if they ran into the nearest town and brought back some carpenters to help them fix the vessel.

The Heroes walked down the road, uneventfully, until they reached the town of Hocks Hollow around midday. The front gates of the town were open wide, and there were two major guard towers. The stones were all old and mossy and uncared for. One stone wall had collapsed and been rebuilt as a wooden palisade, with some decehad taken over the town, not a dragonborn to be seen. In fact, Karath may have been the first dragon most of the townsfolk had ever seen.

The town of Hocks Hollow was small.There were many building, including a Blacksmith, two Inns, an apothecary, a militia, The Restful Willows(tavern), The Oaken Staff(tavern) Temple of the Many Gods, General Store, Stables, Tenaments, Manor house, fishing dock and a mill wheel.

They were greeted by a jovial man, who seemed to like our Bard, as most people do. He informed them that they had arrived at the beginning of festivities for their Spring Faire. He told them that the town was under the rule of Steward Crosby. When questioned about help for the barge, he told them that everyone– local farmers, peasants, and tradesmen from miles around - was coming to the town in the next 1-2 days, and the team would have their pick of carpenters and helpful men to help them after the festival. They had no choice but to wait as no one wanted to spend the day of festival working on a boat. Uther asked about their temple and tributes to Bahamut. Karath accompanied him to the temple of the many gods. Lonk slipped into the shadows to lurk about.

Being the functional alcoholic, with a roguish companion, Dally asked about the local taverns and requested the greeter's favorite of the two- the Oaken staff. The Oaken Staff was a beautifully refurbished tavern, with intricate woodworking details and a shrine to Lapuard. The owner/barkeep, was a dwarf named Hoggin. He confessed that he regretted not adventuring. He admitted that he settled in a town in the middle of nowhere with his wife to have a quiet retirement. He had 3 kids, at least 2 sons, who helped him refurbish the bar. Dally mentioned their barge troubles and asked if he'd be willing to help. He agreed in exchange for a few nights of performances during the faire. It had been a while since there was a bard in town and he thought it would really boost traffic throughThis meant free drinks and a free room for Dally. She loosely agreed, on the terms that she need to check with her party members before committing.

Karath joined the two at the bar, and they all drank and made merriment for about 3 beers, until they hear Uther bellowing for Lonk. Shortly after, Lonk came into the bar to retrieve them. Uther was on a mission to find a caravan of lost iron to build Bahamut statues for the temple, because the local temple of many gods didn’t have enough Bahamut tribute. He wanted to leave right away. However, Karath was several beers in, and Dally had made loose commitments to a local to help get them back on actual mission. Dally was not enthusiastic about leaving the tavern; it was midafternoon and probably not the best time to go off in search of a lost caravan, that could have been up to 2 days away, coming from the mountains.

Uther was very angry, Dally reminded him that his god is not Her god, and Dally doesn't necessarily prioritize his holy mission over her overall mission. Dally, of course, was willing to help, but maybe she could get one performance in, and the Dragonborn and Wizard could sleep off their alcohol. Uther agreed that they could stay the night, but they must leave at 6am sharp, on the condition that their party spent the time awake and crafting wooden Bahamut tokens. Lonk, of course, efficiently whittled out about 60 (1 every 10 minutes for 10 hours) beautiful, perfect replications of Bahamut. Karath whittled a bit, no solid number. Floki tied some twigs together and added a note to a few that said "Bahamut." Dally spent the night performing for the tavern. Hoggin proclaimed that he had record breaking foot traffic and business, and was very happy with the bard. Dally earned 6gp in tips (a lot, considering how small and poor the town was.) About halfway through the night Floki left, following a lady who had just had a heated discussion with another guy. He came back in with a look of scheming.

6am saw them leaving town, west towards the Fukyushon mtns. After half a day’s ride, they could see, just on the edge of vision, a cart, and dead horses. They stopped, Lonk stealthily approached, noticed no traps, poked the dead horses, saw the back was full of mostly iron ore, but missing was something. He gave the all-clear, they all approached, and Dally noticed tiny foot prints from several days ago. About 2 days after those prints, booted feet left the caravan, into the woods east, towards the town. Floki recognized the footprints as goblins after Lonk took his shoes off and compared - they were the same size, but missing a toe.

They loaded the iron into Floki's carravan, and also cannibalized the wheels from the broken down wagon, just in case. They reached the city just before sunset, and there were tons of wagons awaiting to enter the city. Joining the line, they saw another caravan with armed militia men leaving the town. Lonk snuck up on it and saw it had about 500 gp worth of items. He pocketed about 250gp. He returned and told them there were shinies, and then noticed something shiny in the woods. Dally spoke with the militia men, trying to glean information but they didn’t say much. It was hinted that they were paying tribute to their feudal superiors. They promised to run into the bard later, at the bar where she was performing. Lonk investigated the shiny in the woods - goblin tracks. The Paladin(Karath) and Cleric(Uther) convinced the rest of the group that they must stop the goblin attack, for the good of the people. They sent Lonk into town to grab the Blacksmith. He was happy to sit with their iron-full caravan, waiting in the long line to get back into town, while they ran off on a task. Floki didn't trust him. Blacksmith was named Gen. (like again)

They ran after the caravan. As they approached, they noticed movement running parallel with the caravan. The group quietly moved into the woods to flank the goblins. That way the group could attack when the goblins were distracted by the caravan. However, Uther and Dally somehow alerted the goblin party to their presence, which then turned and attacked. Uther threw some kind of illumination spell from the gods to alert the caravan of danger, and to help the teams vision, as it was just past sun down. Seeing this, the militia men ran away, abandoning the caravan of gold and food.

They battled the raiding party to the death. Dally killed a firebeetle, they collectively killed 3 goblins, 2 fire beetles and a Bug bear. In the heat of the win, Dally cut out and ate the liver of the fire beetle she had killed and smeared blood on her face. It was intimidating. Lonk found a pair of shiny boots that were perfectly sized for his feet. The rest of the group debated on what to do with the caravan. Floki and Dally suggested keeping it, since it was abandoned and they had protected it. Uther and Karath argued that it would do the town no good to have to tithe twice, and it wasn’t right. Knowing they wouldn’t win this battle, but they may gain some fame and tribute from the locals, Dally and Floki agreed to take the caravan back to town.

They arrived back in town, Dally still blood smeared and intimidating. Dally approached Hoggin, asking about where to find the steward, telling him that they had recovered a caravan that belongs to the steward. Hoggin cheered the group, and poured a round of beers around the house. The Heroes are soon approached by an assistant of the Steward who extended an invitation from the Steward, for a late supper to speak about the caravan. Dally suggested it might be a trap and someone should stay behind, just in case. However, Dally was cajoled into accompanying the group to the manor house.

The steward asked them about the caravan, claimed his men told him that the heroes had attacked them. After explaining their actions,(and a side adventure where Uther demanded to see his Bahamut shrine) he claimed that the town has an old treaty with the goblins that they had just broken, and he would like to take them into custody. They argued that there was no way they could have known, and he told them that there were posters at the general store with the laws. Dally brought up the goblin attack and dead horses mear the mountains. The steward claimed that he would check into it. Uther suggested that the steward let the group enjoy the festivities in town, in exchange they would surrender their weapons. He argued that they had nowhere to go, and they may as well party. (And maybe spend money?)

Floki and Dally didn't really agree, but ended up submitting. Floki had a backup staff in his caravan, which was stabled. Dally has gold and charm. There was an apothecary in town. Dally was unsure about how the townsfolk feel about the steward, but it was possible that his dealings with the Goblins have cast him in a negative light. Maybe Floki and Dally, will need to take matters into their own hands.