Sunday, September 24, 2017

State of the Blog


Bloggers app sucks a lot. It doesnt save much, anytime you try to upload images, it boofs.

Also, I am down to phone -only  transmissions for another week or so. I didn't get a chance to post - but Frankenstein's Computer Died - CPU and MoBo have been RMAd.

I dragged my feet a lot on getting the RMAs processed and then packaged and sent.

But honestly, I was super surprised at the turn around from AMD for the processor - Had to ship to Miami, which has just been hit by Irma and expecting Maria (maybe) it left my house on Wednesday last week and returned to me Thursday this week.

The Mobo, which went to Walnut, Ca left on Wednesday as well, it was approved, but isn't supposed to be home until Tuesday.. SO maybe Frankie 2 will be better.

I've been using my down time to create maps and backstory and have even had a couple d&d sessions!

I'll document them later, suffice to say 5e is fun and all the numbers are weird.. My Darling Cousin has been DMing. His Girlfriend, our friend and his boyfriend, who recently returned from out of state, and I are braving his story. I'll write that one out when I have more time.

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