Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Using the last of a roll!

I started a print, knowing the roll was low. I had a backup roll, by a different company, as my normal company was sold out of black PLA.I don't even know how much of a difference the same company would make, as I would imagine that the quality could change roll for roll.

However, my roll ran out with about 45 minutes left on my print (biting my nails about whether the ever shrinking roll would last.)

My Print, which is awaiting a write up of it's own because it's my first remix from a thingiverse project, wasn't too bad. You can tell where the second roll started(in case you are missing it, it is the left half inch, the texture, color and shininess are all a bit different. the lines are a bit more noticeable.

Calling it a night, Hope I have time tomorrow for a write up on my newest print project and my adventures in remixing!

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