Friday, November 25, 2016

COMC: Jam-packedest!

I am busy with a design project, prompted by a conversation on reddit. Here's a gratuitous shot of my Ikea expedit and some new games I picked up. Can you pick out the new editions? Hint: one of them was crammed into the jam-packedest square. Too bad there are still 2 TTR games, so I may need 2 squares afterall, Though I havent gotten very many plays out of any of them except TTR:US. 

When we have our own place and I can pull my other shelves out from storage, those 9 non-game shelves on the bottom can go. A book shelf for my comics, a 2x2 kallax for my records and my art supplies and tools can go into their own areas.

At our old place I had two small folding bookshelves for all my magic the gathering boxes. We also had room to display all the dominion boxes, even though all the content is in the wooden box at the top right of that picture.

Also - there is a sheet hanging on the other side of the shelf, for privacy, as my bedroom is on the other side of it.

ANyway - This is just a post for posts sake, while I work on designing some box inserts. Send me pics of your game collections! How do you store everything?

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