Saturday, June 17, 2017

Dungeons & Dragons Session 6: In Which... BATTLEBOTS

I waited to post this and I've lost some details.

Long story short - The group quickly found their way to more trouble.

After defeating the bad guy from the last episode, they decided to press on and try to catch up with Karath's brother. Theyworried that the bad guys are getting away and may destroy the town of hocks hollow.  Instead they found a room with a fun puzzle. A keyhole in an altar. a key. a room full of deactivated warforges. Instead of taking a long rest, they explore the room.

Cthumoo saw a sweet tapestry hanging behind a giant warforge and grabbed it. This activated the warforge... The Captain of the warforges.  Floki quickly grabbed the key and put it in the hole, causing a glowing crystal to appear.

He touched it and was instantly transported into a warforge. Dally quickly noticed that the remaining, uncontrolled warforges were still attacking everyone but Floki and she ran up and grabbed the crystal, with the same result.

The fight was tough and the warforges were hitting hard. The group was struggling to keep the squishy ranger alive, but she spent most of the fight as a lump on the floor. Cthumu and Karath also have a hard time staying conscious. Dally and Floki, and then Karath and Cthumu control some warforges to destroy the remaining  attackers, all of whom are beating Legolass into a pulp.

The group finally destroys all the warforges and find some ancient weapons - three crossbows and 60 bolts. they are built into the arm. Dally takes the whole arm of one, which has an autofeed for the bolts, she wants to have a smaller one built for herself.

They took a long rest this time.

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