Saturday, June 24, 2017

D&D 5e Anyone?

My Darling Cousin bought some 5e books and is forcing us to create some 5e characters for a small campaign.

I, predictably, decided to build another bard. This time a tiefling with a fun background:

Born on material plane, Birth mother was scared the tiefling baby would be seduced by the evil side. She hoped sending the baby to a lawful good plane would help. She left the baby on Mount Celestia (Heavenly plane.) Deciding that a stable family environment may be better than a strict life in a monastery, the celestial paragons (leaders of the 7 levels of heaven)  decided to let childless, mining, Dwarven couple Helona and Vamnoc Treasurebane adopt the young girl in their home of  Solania, The Crystal Heaven (fourth level)

They named her Delphinia, after the tall, blue wildflower that grows in the valley near their home. Though raised in a dwarven family environment, she attended a lot of classes at one of the many monasteries on the plane. After discovering her bard powers, she attended bard college in the same region.

She looks up to Pistis Sophia, the Celestial Paragon of Solania. Fin tries to adopt the same ascetic  traits. She is stoic, and quiet. Fin is a woman of few words, but has a story for every event. She believes in self discipline and lives a mostly-abstinent life. She rarely lets loose. She is kind of zen.

She returned to the material plane to learn about the real world and find her family/learn about her tiefling origins.

I am thinking about working from an angle where I basically just use Aesop's fables to give roundabout advice. 

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