Friday, May 26, 2017

Dungeons & Dragons Session 5: In Which We confront Tiamat worshippers

When we last saw our heroes, they had just finished a mystical skeleton battle, in which they had to pray to Bahamat to stop the minion onslaught. The drawers under the  statue had popped out, revealing some loot.  It including 2 gems and a nice statue, the group took some bids and bought them from the pot, then split the pot.

The door opened and a dank mist flowed into the room. The group cautiously approaches the door and opens it. The new room has a slightly raised platform in the middle of the room with a sarcophagus and a paladin statue was on top. Skeletons in gear scattered around the room, one was draped over the sarcophagus.

As the group approaches the platform, the skeleton on the sarcophagus popped up and demanded their reason for being there. After Karath explained his mission and that he has been touched by Bahamat (Yes, he showed us on the doll where he was touched...)

The knight told the group that the paladin had been betrayed and murdered by Tiamat worshippers. They also caused the priory to sink into lake. It is revealed that the knight has a shiny red set of armor for Karath and dun-dun-dun the scale of Bahamat. Dally wants to lick it, but something in Karath's demeanor says nope. She and Legolass made eye contact, silent understanding that they would find it later and see what happens when licked. (They have a theory that licking an actual godly item will do something neat)

The team takes a short rest and makes their way back to the napping Malki. There are a couple booby traps that were not there on the way in. They are not sure if someone has been through or if they were designed to show up after the vault was opened.  That is never revealed. They find Malki and head back to the room they found him in originally. Dally finds a bunch of (now) unimportant books. They take a long rest and start to follow the unfollowed paths on their maps.

They find an armory with a crude torture chamber, a kitchen, and wine cellar. almost all of the wine was disgusting ... And Dally tried very hard. She found one very nice 300gp bottle and stored it away in her bag for later. Cthumoo found a secret pathway, the group sneaked around  and found a big ole orc that they killed. They found some loot and moved on, finding a room full of goblins they slaughter.Dally finds a full set of playing cards and is really excited for some reason.

They move back through the dungeon with no resistance or signs of life. They finally find a giant courtyard that is exposed. There are spooky ghosts in there, fighting. When cthumoo touched one it turned and looked at him, irritated. They saw a dragonborn in the same red armor that Karath was wearing. The ghost Bahamat fighters defeated the ghost Tiamut worshipers and then one of his men turned and kill him.

"KARAAAAAATH!!!" a man screams, Or rather a dragonborn.  he looks just like Karath and turns out to be Karal? maybe?  It turns out to be his clutchmate, who has the same training as Karath, but has turned to Tiamat. Karal is standing with another fighter and a priest, who tells the group that they already got what they are looking for and the town has nothing to worry about from this group anymore. He made it sound like maybe something big was going down in the next 3 days (maybe world ending events.)

The brother and priest walked away, sending the other fighter to deal with the group. The group quickly dispatched the fighter and his friends. They sat around discussing what to do next before pushing on, to hopefully find the brother and priest and recover whatever has been stolen from the Bahamat Priory.

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