Saturday, December 31, 2016

Unboxing - Mynt3d 3d pen

Gif of Unboxing the Mynt3d 3d pen!
First shot of mynt3d, still in shipping box. Notice the diagram of the pen and some well composed doodles. Mynt3d box, from the top - look at that sexy beast! First shot inside the Mynt3d - My random 3 colors were Orange, Purple & Black (Halloween!)
Holding the actual Mynt3d pen in my hand. Gold PLA on the lid of a gold PLA puzzle box. Hand-drawn flourishes. Testing some ABS -  I'm mr. Meeseeks, look at me! Gotta square your shoulders, Jerry!
Unboxing - Mynt3d 3d pen

Because the pens are a new technology, units are faulty, and people get paid to review things it, is possible that my iPeson was faulty as a one-off experience. To be honest, with 27 4+ reviews and no 1 reviews on amazon, the odds are high. I did a bit more research, reading reviews sites, amazon reviews, etc.

I enjoyed the experience of opening the box. I am delighted to see the filament color combination. Black, Orange, Purple - Halloween colors! I also have a selection of left over rolls in PLA and ABS from my adventures in printing. I have 3 full rolls of blue/red/gray, because I couldn't get the calibrations figured out on my printer.

I have had some time to actually play around with my pen, without anything jamming or breaking. So that's exciting! So far this pen is amazing. The worst con it has is that it needs a power cord to run, and the power cord is a little short. I need to get an extension cord for it, because it is awkward to use.

Other than that, it is super simple to use, it is smaller/less bulky than the iPeson and is easier to write with. My hand doesn't tire like it did with the iPeson. I have doodled with both ABS and PLA and am having pretty good luck with extrusion speed and my hand speed. It needs a little bit of refining, but i am definitely getting the hang of it! You can double click the feed button to make it auto-feed, which is great. I need to develop the skill to turn it off again, without messing up my doodle.

All in all, this is the superior brand. Even the box was nicer! It was a heavy duty cardboard that snaps into place with a magnet. The artwork is better as well. It looks like they actually paid a designer to put time/effort into making it look nice. The iPeson's box looked like someone cutout pictures of some 3d pen artwork and slapped them haphazardly all over the board.

I have only one other, faulty-unit pen to compare this to, but it is going to fulfill all my needs. I will do a follow up review in a couple months, to see if I still feel the same down the road. After 3 days of use, I give it a 4.5/5 (-0.5 for super short cord.)

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