Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Interlude During the Holidays!

Hi guys,

It's been a very busy month! Lots of calibration. For every adjustment I made, three other things broke. I ended up needing to recalibrate flow AND my raft settings - after I finally had it tuned in to peal away. I have messed up a couple prints, solely because of the bad print. I moved on to a couple gift boxes. I would like to print something neat for everyone I see at Christmas - they have business-card-sized build-a-prints. it gets all the pieces for a snowman, a reindeer, etc.

I am not sure that will pan out. For now here's some cool gift boxes I have been printing.. I used my gold and red PLA from pushplastics.com They fit together perfectly, and I have been able to interchange the colors. I am waiting on white and green so I can make more Christmassy stuff.

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