Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Unboxing - iPeson 3d Pen

Late Monday night I decided to splurge on myself, post-holidays. First I ordered a $40 pair of spider earrings from the Betsey Johnson collection, from Macy's.. The boyfriend wanted to buy them, but could buy two cool pairs of her earrings for the same price; I'm telling myself that he wanted to bury me in presents.

The second, topical purchase was this 3d pen from amazon.  Tuesday, as I started work I got a delivery - my 3d pen! Unfortunately I had to work, and couldn't tinker. When I took lunch, I used the pen to doodle on one of my previously made puzzle boxes.

The design came out. . okay I had to experiment with speeds and hand fatigue. I definitely need practice. Sadly, I won't be getting the chance to get that practice. On this particular unit while I pressed the unload button, which swaps colors of filament, the whole thing jammed. I followed the vague instructions; removing a couple screws to pop out the filament tube and pull the filament out, easy-peasy. However, when I put the whole thing back together, the LED screen screamed ERR.... ERR. none of the buttons changed anything, turning off and on again did nothing. I took it apart again to make sure everything was tight and in place - it appeared that way.

I contacted the company in the middle of the night who told me that basically they would send me a new nib if the nib was defective (didn't seem to be). Also - I should have pressed the unload button to get the filament out (I did, I can read basic instructions.) Otherwise, just send it back. So I put it back in the box, minus the 3-4 grams of filament i practiced with, and scheduled a pick up.

In the meantime, I ordered a Mynt3d. It should be here Friday, so I guess we will have a second  unboxing, with a different brand! and I can compare!  I have been on the fence about Lix Pen, but I see a lot of mixed reviews for them. I would love to try one, but the price tag is a little hefty in comparison to other pens. Too Expensive for something that has enough questionable reviews to make me wary.

I also have been busy printing! The same puzzle boxes from thingiverse, which I handed out at Christmas. They were a hit!  In this bottom picture, you can see a leftover box with my feeble attempt at a zentangle pattern on it, in purple.

Coming up soon - some seemingly successful designs for my Dixit BoardGame collection!

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