Sunday, October 30, 2016

Note to Self - Check infill Percentage!

Hello printfans! In my second attempt at printing the Art Deco Magic Box from thingiverse, I loaded the model into Cura, waited for it to load, hemmed and hawed over what type of supports I should use for that overhang, and opened up the printer controls I was a little discouraged at the 26 hour print time expectation, but it was a lot longer the last time I tried to print it, with ABS. I started printing and about 10 layers in I thought "...why does this need to be 100% infill? The PLA is less brittle than the ABS always ends up, and I bet I can get away with 25% or less. I stop the print, peel it off, change the settings and start the next print. Est. 10 hours! Must better!

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