Monday, October 17, 2016

Fresh Starts

Hello faithful reader,

It's been a while. I've started a lot of posts like this, but this time it's been a couple years.

I am in need of a blog that suits my freelance needs. I figure this time I will focus on work/life balance, new hobbies and interests, progress on those hobbies, that kind of thing.

I am always working on something and even though I have been neglectful to my digital persona, I am still around, opting to lurk instead of contribute.

A few projects I have on the table:

tinkering with my 3d printer
printing some inserts to organize my boardgames.
handpainting my own wooden catan.
knitting a poncho
redesigning and programming my website to look a little more modern.

I feel like blogs may be a little old-fashioned these days. Instead of reading the day-to-day musings of everyone you know, we prefer to keep the never-ending narrative of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram up. We can curate the content and feeds, tweaking the feed to ignore certain things, or add more things in.

I think I am going to document some 3d printing issues I have, to keep relevant.

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