Saturday, March 18, 2017

Adventures in dungeoneering. Dungeons and Dragons Pt 1

Old Friend from High School and Her Husband (or OF and HH?) have been dabbling in tabletop RPGs. They started with one called werewolf and have recently started Dungeons and Dragons. During a game night, they invited me along to the game the next night. Being the slightly introverted gal that I am, I declined, i needed at least one day of rest before returning to work.

But it piqued my interested and I messaged her a couple days later, asking if i could join in. She asked the rest of the team, and the DM and they said they could work me in. They had only had one or two sessions - and all sat as level 2. DM said he would allow me start at lvl2 as well, so everything is even.

I spoke with Ex-Roomate, as he is in love with Tabletop RPG. He gave me some pointers and suggested some easy shit. OF told me who was playing which character so far, and i really didn't want to double up. So I soul searched a little bit. What would be easy for me to play? Something close but neater? When the BF asked me what I would be if we lived in a Warcraft style world, i didnt really know, but it all became very clear. I would be a Bard. Of course I would. I love singing, telling stories, i'm introverted, but I am always interested in what people have to say. 

I found a detailed guide on the internet to Barding. Ex Roommate said he couldn't help me, as he had doesn't like 4th edition of D&D, and didn't know much about it. So I was on my own. He gave me some basica advice for character building/background/motivation to adventure. My BF on the other hand, was the devil on my shoulder, telling me to do weird stuff (like drink blood to absorb powers)

I decided on a Half-Elf Female Party Bard. She worships a homebrew god of Taverns and Alcohol. She know 6 languages(using feats) I built a pretty solid background for her, so I guess I'll be kind of sad if she dies. More incoming.

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