Lordaelyn The Bard's Adventures: Chapter 2

The House of Many Doors

After months of travelling, the group gained a pretty strong reputation. They started to be referred to as "The Sexy Five," though Dally began to spread the name "Karath and the Sleazy Four." One night, as they sit around the fire, reminiscing over their latest adventure, they hear a rustle in the woods.

After springing to attention, The group is greeted with a vaguely familiar sight, an old war-forge. He seems friendly and familiar, so they invite him to join them. He introduces himself as Capt, a 2000+ year old war forge, who served the paladins of Bahamat. He had traveled from the lost priory, searching far and wide with a mercenary group called "Rusty Bucket," helping people out and following the path of Karath.

For a while they travel together, name changing to Karath and the Sleazy five, aka The Sexy Six. One night Floki receives a message to go to the town of Warrenhelm  in the north. It seems urgent, so the group agrees to accompany him. One night in the woods, Floki takes a restroom break and the group is teleported into a dark room.  Wave after wave of monster attacks the groups. Upon completion of the last wave, the door opens and the group leaves. An old, gray wizard, aptly named Wizard Gray asks the heroes to go to Ravenwind Manor in Warrenhelm and find a map for him. He agrees to a hefty reward, plus all of the treasure they find.

The heroes run into town, passed on the road by a rude man in a blue robe on a horse. They book a room at the inn and quickly find out that the town is small. Upon questioning the locals about the man in blue, Capt gets a little aggressive with the locals and the group needs to put out literal fires. The old war-forge has a hard time distinguishing between right and wrong.

They notice an overgrown path that had been recently trampled and follow it into the woods. The path quickly becomes overtaken by dark fog. As they approach the gate of Ravenwind they recognize Wizard Gray is waiting for them, this time he has potions.  As soon as they drink the potion, the fog clears. The manor becomes visible and they hesitantly approach. The large art deco style house towers out of the foggy forest. Capt breaks the door down, and then continues to break through many doors until Dally tells him to ask permission before destroying things or people. She sets up a long list of rules that the Capt doesn't seem to have (some kind of faulty Operating System)

The group makes their way through many creepy rooms. Every room reveals more doors, A dining room, a sitting room, a small, 2-level auditorium. In the auditorium, they find a ghostly servant named Godwin. He helps them throughout their adventure. They follow some noises through a green room, the servants quarters, the kitchen and back into the auditorium... It's a battle of wraiths and specters. Dally finds some bitchin' pewter earrings and everyone got some gold.

Goodwin gives the group some potions and the polished look of the manor falls away, revealing a decaying and dingy decor. After sleeping in the servants quarters, the group continues to explore, looking for the map for Wizard Gray. They stop in a gaming room and find a secret stash of booze. In this magical keg room there is a dumbwaiter to the tower. They look around, find a lot of papers with ravings of a mad magician and books with time travel mentioned.

After leaving the mage tower, they find a seance room and hold a quick seance. As a result, Karath has a dark presence attached to his person. A strange black presence continues to lurk about the top floor. The heroes find some men in blue cloaks ransacking the laboratory and they try to get information from them. Capt ends up throwing them off the balcony. The group then scales down and breaks in through the observatory. This upsets the ghostly Goodwin.

In the observatory, Legolass finds some recreational herbs and stores them away. The heroes are  accosted by a plant monster, and make quick work of it. Capt once again breaks down the door to the library and the group takes a break while Dally stands guard. While taking watch, She goes through all of the books, looking for any reference to her family's estate or horticulture books.

Instead she finds some sleazy romance novels and an important looking book called Plants & Poisons for the Unknowing. Inside are charts of different colored deaths, "Red Death," "Black Death," and "Gray Death." There is a cure for each, which requires eating a poisonous fruit, and then the corresponding antidote to each poison. She tucks it away for later. As the group wakes up and gets ready to proceed, the fog of truth wears off. Goodwin shows the group how to make more potion and Dally makes a new batch.

The heroes continue to search the manor for the lost map, a darkness lurking, watching them.They find an office. This office has a desk with a hidden compartment. When revealed, they find a dusty drawer with a suspicious less-dusty area, as though something had been taken. Goodwin alerts them and pushes them towards the basement, where they find a stash of magic items.

For Karath, an amazing Locket Of Instant Moustache  to instantly grow a moustache and gain stealth, Memaw's Hat, to gain a bonus to savings and Spookbusters Buster Kit to cleanse his trouble spectre.

For Legolass, Mask of Crows, which allows her to turn into a crow for 1 hour, once a day, and the Horn Of Cleansing, which filters any liquid into pure water.

Cthumoo claims the Bearskin Cape, which strengthens his Armor, but requires him to eat 5 fish per day, He also claims Yandont's Arrow of Returning, which allows him to add damage to attacks and heal the teammates.

Captain takes the Ring of Waterbend, which allows him manage small amounts of water, and the Bongos of Truth, which causess an enemy to truthfully answer 3 yes/no questions.

The bard takes, stupidly, two neck slot pieces. The Shawl of Many Faces, which boosts her stealth by obscuring her face, and the Tinman's Heart, which boosts her diplomacy.

Along with the magic items, a note:
"To help you in your travels - Master Raven"

Goodwin leads the group to a corridor and wishes them luck.  They spend the better part of the day rolling dice in a race against time. Every time they dont hit the goal, time resets and they start again.
Upon beating this troublesome set of puzzles, they are allowed access to a room with a lot of plants. The same plants that were described in the poison book that Dally had picked up in the Library. The room was full of fog as well. She took a couple of each fruit and ate them in time to walk through the poisonous fogs. The group followed after.

After completing the final puzzle, they are deposited into a secret cave system, originally built for smuggling items in and out of the town.  The group races through the tunnels, the sound of the ocean getting stronger. They come to a large cave with a dock and a large boat, being loaded by men in blue cloaks. They quickly dispatch of the blue caped individuals and recover a plethora of treasure. Wizard Gray pops up out of no where and hands the group their reward. He allows them to keep the map and asks that they return for more adventure.

The Legend of the House of Many Doors

Northward bound our heroes head to the town of Warrenhelm.
A map they seek for Wizard Gray at Manor Ravenwind

Though causing trouble, like they do, and foggy forest shrouds the way,
They find the manor standing tall, worse for wear it seems.
And *Chaos* leads the way through the House of Many Doors.

Ghosts and specters, spooks galore - The heroes find a ghostly friend.
Preserved by magic, thinly veiled, the house had. . . Many Doors

Hidden Research, lots of books, time travel, poisons, seance room..
A Mellow demon spooks Karath, a black cloud creeps them out.
They find a puzzle room, and roll *a lot* of dice.

The Bandits who have nabbed the map are quickly found in hidden caves.
The team fights bravely, smart & strong, barely bumbling at all

Recovered map and lots of loot, our heroes find the hidden stash
Wizard Gray rewards the lot with promises of more.
And that's the legend of The House Of Many Doors

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