Saturday, December 31, 2016

Unboxing - Mynt3d 3d pen

Gif of Unboxing the Mynt3d 3d pen!
First shot of mynt3d, still in shipping box. Notice the diagram of the pen and some well composed doodles. Mynt3d box, from the top - look at that sexy beast! First shot inside the Mynt3d - My random 3 colors were Orange, Purple & Black (Halloween!)
Holding the actual Mynt3d pen in my hand. Gold PLA on the lid of a gold PLA puzzle box. Hand-drawn flourishes. Testing some ABS -  I'm mr. Meeseeks, look at me! Gotta square your shoulders, Jerry!
Unboxing - Mynt3d 3d pen

Because the pens are a new technology, units are faulty, and people get paid to review things it, is possible that my iPeson was faulty as a one-off experience. To be honest, with 27 4+ reviews and no 1 reviews on amazon, the odds are high. I did a bit more research, reading reviews sites, amazon reviews, etc.

I enjoyed the experience of opening the box. I am delighted to see the filament color combination. Black, Orange, Purple - Halloween colors! I also have a selection of left over rolls in PLA and ABS from my adventures in printing. I have 3 full rolls of blue/red/gray, because I couldn't get the calibrations figured out on my printer.

I have had some time to actually play around with my pen, without anything jamming or breaking. So that's exciting! So far this pen is amazing. The worst con it has is that it needs a power cord to run, and the power cord is a little short. I need to get an extension cord for it, because it is awkward to use.

Other than that, it is super simple to use, it is smaller/less bulky than the iPeson and is easier to write with. My hand doesn't tire like it did with the iPeson. I have doodled with both ABS and PLA and am having pretty good luck with extrusion speed and my hand speed. It needs a little bit of refining, but i am definitely getting the hang of it! You can double click the feed button to make it auto-feed, which is great. I need to develop the skill to turn it off again, without messing up my doodle.

All in all, this is the superior brand. Even the box was nicer! It was a heavy duty cardboard that snaps into place with a magnet. The artwork is better as well. It looks like they actually paid a designer to put time/effort into making it look nice. The iPeson's box looked like someone cutout pictures of some 3d pen artwork and slapped them haphazardly all over the board.

I have only one other, faulty-unit pen to compare this to, but it is going to fulfill all my needs. I will do a follow up review in a couple months, to see if I still feel the same down the road. After 3 days of use, I give it a 4.5/5 (-0.5 for super short cord.)

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Unboxing - iPeson 3d Pen

Late Monday night I decided to splurge on myself, post-holidays. First I ordered a $40 pair of spider earrings from the Betsey Johnson collection, from Macy's.. The boyfriend wanted to buy them, but could buy two cool pairs of her earrings for the same price; I'm telling myself that he wanted to bury me in presents.

The second, topical purchase was this 3d pen from amazon.  Tuesday, as I started work I got a delivery - my 3d pen! Unfortunately I had to work, and couldn't tinker. When I took lunch, I used the pen to doodle on one of my previously made puzzle boxes.

The design came out. . okay I had to experiment with speeds and hand fatigue. I definitely need practice. Sadly, I won't be getting the chance to get that practice. On this particular unit while I pressed the unload button, which swaps colors of filament, the whole thing jammed. I followed the vague instructions; removing a couple screws to pop out the filament tube and pull the filament out, easy-peasy. However, when I put the whole thing back together, the LED screen screamed ERR.... ERR. none of the buttons changed anything, turning off and on again did nothing. I took it apart again to make sure everything was tight and in place - it appeared that way.

I contacted the company in the middle of the night who told me that basically they would send me a new nib if the nib was defective (didn't seem to be). Also - I should have pressed the unload button to get the filament out (I did, I can read basic instructions.) Otherwise, just send it back. So I put it back in the box, minus the 3-4 grams of filament i practiced with, and scheduled a pick up.

In the meantime, I ordered a Mynt3d. It should be here Friday, so I guess we will have a second  unboxing, with a different brand! and I can compare!  I have been on the fence about Lix Pen, but I see a lot of mixed reviews for them. I would love to try one, but the price tag is a little hefty in comparison to other pens. Too Expensive for something that has enough questionable reviews to make me wary.

I also have been busy printing! The same puzzle boxes from thingiverse, which I handed out at Christmas. They were a hit!  In this bottom picture, you can see a leftover box with my feeble attempt at a zentangle pattern on it, in purple.

Coming up soon - some seemingly successful designs for my Dixit BoardGame collection!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Merry Christmass - With Cura Settings

Here's a picture of a remix of the Christmas boxes I printed last week.  The bows and ribbons were separated and snap in (i had some issue snapping the bows, so I used some glue.

My favorite thing about this build is that I was able to print the top, bottom, ribbons and bow complete set in one full color. Then I can mismatch which goes where. I am not sure what to do with them - fill them with coins? A little bit of candy - They are small, maybe two snack packs of m&ms from Halloween would fit.

Layer Height - 0.24
Shell Thickness - 1.2
Enable Retraction - X

Bottom/Top Thickness - 1
Fill Density - 20

Speed and Temperature
Print Speed - 50
Printing Temperature - 201
Bed temperature - 60

Support Type - none
Platform Adhesion Type - raft

Diameter - 1.75
Flow - 89

Nozzle Size - 0.4

Speed - 40
Distance - 4.5

Initial Layer Thickness - 0.0
Initial Layer Line Width - 100
Cut Off Object Bottom - 0.0
Dual Extrusion Overlap - 0

Travel Speed - 150
Bottom Layer Speed - 20
Infill Speed - 0.0
Top/Bottom Speed - 0.0
Outer Shell Speed - 0.0
Inner Shell Speed - 0.0

Minimal Layer Time - 5
Enable Cooling Fan - X

Minimum Travel - 1.5
Enable combing - all
Minimal Extrusion Before Retracting - 0.02
ZHop When Retracting - 0.0

Line Count - 1
Start Distance - 3.0
Minimal Length - 150

Fan Full on at Height - 0.5
Fan Speed Min - 100
Fan Speed Max - 100
Minimum Speed - 10
Cool Head Lift -

Solid Infill Top - X
Solid Infill Bottom - X
Infill Overlap - 15
Infill Prints After Perimeters -

Structure Type - line
Overhand Angle for support - 60
Fill amount - 15
Distance X/Y - 0.7
Distance Z - 0.15

Black Magic
Spiralize the Outer Contour -
Only Follow Mesh Surface -

Brim Line Amount - 20

Extra Margin - 5.0
Line Spacing - 3.0
Base Thickness - 0.3
Base Line Width - 1.0
Interface Thickness - 0.27
Interface Line Width - 0.4
Airgap - 0.0
First Layer Airgap - 0.26
Surface Layers - 1
Surface Layer Thickness - 0.27
Surface Layer Line Width - 0.4

Fix Horrible
Combine Everything (Type A) - X
Combine Everything (Type B) -
Keep Open Faces -
Extensive Stitching -

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Plastic Day x2 - Christmas Edition!

I received my iXCC Green filament and Professional Ivory White by ProMolt 3D from the To go with my Red and Gold from, I am officially ready to print ALL THE CHRISTMAS!

I will post most pics when I have started printing things! Just a couple here and there - Would you guys prefer if I post my settings when I have successful prints? I know that looking at peoples settings has helped me learn.. Plus, when my settings randomly reset, I will have something to reset to. (or I could just save my profiles more often)

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Interlude During the Holidays!

Hi guys,

It's been a very busy month! Lots of calibration. For every adjustment I made, three other things broke. I ended up needing to recalibrate flow AND my raft settings - after I finally had it tuned in to peal away. I have messed up a couple prints, solely because of the bad print. I moved on to a couple gift boxes. I would like to print something neat for everyone I see at Christmas - they have business-card-sized build-a-prints. it gets all the pieces for a snowman, a reindeer, etc.

I am not sure that will pan out. For now here's some cool gift boxes I have been printing.. I used my gold and red PLA from They fit together perfectly, and I have been able to interchange the colors. I am waiting on white and green so I can make more Christmassy stuff.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Success - Puzzle Boxes!

I finally have a success! Long needed, after a week of calibrations and each solution causing another problem - I'm still trying to get my first layer to be perfect AND also  separate from the raft easily.

Here I am printing in PushPlastic's Gold and Black. I also have a Red, which I may try later on. I wish I had Green and White, you know. . For Christmas. I used a generator online to make some neat snowflakes, and would like to use them on gifts.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Plastic day!

My favorite day! Delivery of plastics from! I got Metallic Gold, Red and Black.  Not much going on in the way of news regarding prints, but here's a quick unboxing post of my beautiful spools!

I can't wait to print all the things!! I have a couple puzzle boxes and some gift boxes to print, along with finishing up my cosmic encounters box, now that I think I figured out the flow issues I had.

Charlotte was also excited to open the box with me! She couldnt wait to see what was in the box and wanted to smell every single spool.